New Remarketing Partnership To Bring Full Service Campaigns

At Advantage, we know that set-it-and-forget-it is a losing mindset for marketers – and the same is true for any company providing remarketing and marketing services.

To that end, Capture® Powered By MOVology is proud to announce its partnership with Advantage, a marketing production print facility that can create, produce, and mail end-to-end campaigns for our clients.

When you’re implementing remarketing techniques as part of your overall strategy, the key to success is getting your prospects to notice your efforts. That means your outreach needs to be more than a single email follow-up reminding leads and customers of your site or product. When you reach your prospects directly and personally, you can capture and convert more of those leads, while building lifetime clients.

Remarketing Campaigns

With Advantage and Capture® Powered By MOVology customers can now implement direct mailing services that are tailored to your specific industry and customer base. Advantage is one of the largest print production facilities here on the West Coast, located in the heart of Southern California it houses multiple web presses, offset presses and a large and unique combination of production digital equipment that allows for the most sophisticated level of personalization and quality.  With Advantage’s production ability combined with their Mail Tracking Technology system, you’ll be able to create personalized marketing campaigns that are queued by digital message marketing with timed delivery to help create the highest propensity for conversion of your leads.  This added service can be another arm to your remarketing strategy as well as client retention and new business programs.

Advantage has over 23 years of experience producing high-quality print jobs, and their full-service facility with an in-house Creative Services team, we can help bring your ideas and marketing goals to life.


For more information on our partnership, you can reach us at sales@automatedremarketing or at

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